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Why the ANC is on the precipice

The ANC has been losing support since their 1994 landslide victory at the polls. Their transformation agenda of cadre deployment and disdain for meritocracy has seen the decline in basic service delivery. The mid-2000s saw an economic commodity boom that produced growth and excess tax revenues that papered over the advent of its destructive socialist policies. Recently, there has been a doubling down on its bad policy choices. The impact of their crazy policies is starting to show, and there is blood in the water. The sharks are circling.

Cyril Ramaphosa is concerned with only one thing. That is, not losing the 2024 general election. 

The ANC’s alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has been a match made in heaven for the concentration of power. But a match made in hell for free-market capitalism and economic growth. 

Jacob Zuma effectively gave free rein to the SACP to write whatever policies they wanted. The Minister of Trade and Industry and Competition, Ebrahim Patel, is a devout socialist favouring centralised planning. He was the one who told us that we could not buy flip-flops or cooked chicken during Level 5 lockdown, and e-commerce was unfair.

The growth objectives of Thabo Mbeki and Trevor Manual have been swapped for the command-and-control ideology of Cyril Ramaphosa. The reformist hopefuls are slowly beginning to realise that the prospect of Ramaphosa being the last ANC president of South Africa is leading to desperate actions by the ANC. Everything has been turned on its head. No logic can be applied to South Africa’s current circumstances.

The reaction to the latest unemployment statistics has been as expected. Shock and horror. 44.4% unemployment. While the ANC might feign concern, they are not. This is an opportunity to bring more people into the social grant net of recipients who rely on the state. The more dependants on the state, the more likely they will vote for the ANC. The ANC will position themselves, as usual, as the party for the poor and marginalised. A social grant and empty promises are all the ANC can offer.

The COVID pandemic has seen the ANC take complete control of the country via its National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC). Parliament, for what it is worth, has been side-lined. The National State of Disaster has been extended 15 times, preserving the authority of the NCCC instead of Parliament.

Here is the irony. The ANCs desperate need for more control is limiting the freedoms of South Africans. Throughout history, the primary reason governments and political parties fall is that the populace rejects the loss of their freedoms. The ANC’s designs on changing the constitution and destroying private property rights are the ultimate attack on the freedom to own property securely. This is the tip of the iceberg, and slowly South Africans are starting to look below the water and see the true nature of the incompetence that is supposedly running the country.

Justin Spencer-Young

Justin Spencer-Young

Justin Spencer-Young has been teaching and coaching senior mangers and executives for more than a decade. His area of expertise is in business finance.

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