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Australia: The Essence of Liberal Anarcho-Tyranny

A picture sums up our new global dictatorship.

A month ago I wrote an essay which gained traction online: A New Era of Anarcho-Tyranny for South Africa and the Global Liberal Empire.

After the riots and looting in South Africa, which went largely unchecked by police and military (it was left to armed civilian communities to defend themselves), I realised that a political term from the 90s, now made famous by Darren Beattie of Revolver News, ‘anarcho-tyranny’, truly was the best description of our current political moment in all its apocalyptic rumblings.

I defined the concept as ‘the paradox that the modern liberal state enforces its laws arbitrarily and imposes both chaos and legalism upon its subjects.’

And here you see it above.

Australia is now a police state, but the authoritarian rules are relaxed for state worship of niche sexual appetites – just as they were for the global emergency of George Floyd.

It gets worse – from The Atlantic:

And this is not the only totalitarian measure they are cooking up:

I was in awe watching this. You could not make this up – unless you were George Orwell or Aldous Huxley.

But you need to know, this is what covid is all about. This is what climate change is all about. The science on this stuff is peripheral.

These are the latest covid death rates:

Our present moment has nothing to do with health or science.

If our leaders were terrified of rising oceans, why does Obama buy a mansion next to the ocean?

In short, global liberal leaders want power. Liberalism is not live and let live politics. It is liberal imperialism. Liberal leaders are the heirs of British liberals who invaded South Africa for its gold and subjugated Boer women and children in deadly concentration camps. (More children died in those camps than total death toll of apartheid.)

Do not be shocked that tyranny has come to Australia. Liberalism has not randomly turned up an anomaly. 1984 Australia is not an anomaly in the West.

We only just noticed it now.

Teenagers have been arrested for ‘racism’ in the UK for years – being 12 years old does not shield you. Preachers are locked up in Europe for quoting the Bible. Police knock on doors if you ‘misgender’ somebody online in the west. They might even arrive in these cars:

Liberalism leads precisely here. Police in drag.

It is not some neutral, abstract political philosophy. It is an historically contingent system which reaches to us as a result of the calamity that was World War I. Progressivism redrew the map after that war. The US became an imperial force, to make the world safe for revolutionary democracy, aided by France and Britain. The continental powers, who were far less colonially inclined, were removed as a check on their power.

And so Russia and Eastern Europe, freed from their illiberal heritage of throne and altar, was buried under the grey concrete of communism. Democratic chaos in Italy and Germany allowed for the rise of fascism, an aping of conservatism and traditionalism. And later the West gorged itself on consumerism and sexual liberation.

This was liberation, but not freedom.

Instead liberalism became a straitjacket to protect us from everything illiberal – like religion, ethnicity, and risk itself.

As Robert Duigan has written in South Africa, the liberal harm principle became the risk society, in which liberal governments must shield you from life itself.

In this new ‘Atlantic’ anglo system, according to Duigan,

“The bureaucrats and academic sought to shift focus to international institutions, and make a strong break with Realism and national sovereignty…

“UNESCO even deliberately set about creating a new world religion, in the words of its founder Julian Huxley, and formed the United Religions Initiative, to mold the world’s spiritual beliefs in line with international Anglo progressivism. Feminism and sexual libertinism formed a crowbar against the community cohesion that couldn’t be attacked by means of anti-nationalism…

“… the West gave up on the nation state, and handed control to the internationalists, under hegemony of the Atlantic community. A new empire was being consolidated from the territories captured by the Allies in WWII. Thirty years later it is becoming transparent –  the new centralised global tax regime has cemented it. Just as the ANC funds the influx of black voters into urban minority areas to build shacks on squatted land, the West welcomes mass migration from the third world, total open-borders, to transform the electoral system against the interests of the native population who might have their own desires, against the grain of global empire. Every corporation and state in the Western world discriminated against whites in hiring. The CIA peddles Critical Race Theory and actively recruits sexual minorities. Colour revolutions can be spotted whenever the rainbow flag or black fist makes an appearance.”

It turns out the nanny state was as terrifying as all its most fire-breathing reactionary critics claimed it was, despite all us clever people mocking them.

Nice liberal people, and nice Christians, thought they could trust the nice Nanny, but it turns out nannies can be villains too.

In CS Lewis’s apocalyptic novel (not Narnia, which is also apocalyptic), That Hideous Strength, a respected university organisation entitled N.I.C.E (National Institute for Co-ordinated Experiments) takes control of Britain in the name of scientific rationalism. It turns out to be an anti-life, anti-nature demonic regime, almost like the transhumanists running the World Economic Forum:

CS Lewis eerily predicted that our worst overlords would be ‘objective’, nice, liberal forces.

But perhaps he was never more prescient than when he wrote this:

Chris Waldburger

Chris Waldburger

Chris Waldburger is a teacher and freelance journalist. Challenging modern nihilism since 1986.

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