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Dear Alan Winde, I beg you to reconsider.

Your recent comments considering the introduction of mandatory vaccination are inexcusable. By any system of moral principles, this is wrong. It is also not medically necessary. This measure can serve only to increase state power, enrich private contractors, and curry favour with an international system of biometric population control. It will alienate a highly principled section of the population that already has been made to distrust authority by the draconian culture which has emerged from liberal institutions in recent years. As extreme as these claims sound to those in the mainstream such as yourself, they are not baseless, and do not require a radical opposition to the elite consensus perspective on the nature of the pandemic.

The mRNA therapy does not offer protection to those who do not receive it, nor does the absence of vaccination pose any greater threat to the vaccinated. As is well-known in scientific literature, even by the most powerful and protected of institutions, the mRNA therapy does not prevent the transmission or mutation of the novel coronavirus. Even the American CDC, the political authority to whom most people now defer, acknowledge this. What this therapy does, is offer a temporary immune system boost which targets a narrow variant of this fast-changing virus. It is not necessary, and does not offer protection to those around you, only to oneself.

Additionally, there is no serious attempt to track the side effects of the therapy, which is only being tracked by outside organisations who are not capable of gathering the sort of data states and private medical corporations do. The known cases of severe or even lethal reactions to the immune therapy are underrepresented and systematically downplayed by all authorities, and most are not recorded by any medical authority, while almost every case of respiratory infection is marked as a case of COVID. Several medical professionals that I have spoken to, from nurses to doctors, have taken exception to the sloppy and biased method of collecting data. This bias is damaging, not only to accuracy, but to the credibility of the authorities who perpetuate it.

Even if the picture presented in public communication by favoured media outlets were perfectly accurate, the fact that the unvaccinated pose no greater threat to the vaccinated is enough to rubbish the claims of moral necessity. It is the right of every human being to refuse medical treatment, regardless of whether it is deemed a sound and prudent decision by others. To make this political, and deploy a system of bureaucratic monitoring to force people to accept a medical treatment that does not affect the lives of others, is an inexcusable overreach of government powers. To export enforcement to the private sector does not reduce the immorality of the decree, any more than it would for racial discrimination.

While I as a non-liberal Christian do not accord the malleable and fuzzy doctrine of human rights to be a coherent or legitimate one, I consider many of the provisions of the Geneva Convention and our Constitution (terminally flawed though it may be in other respects), which prohibit the use of mandatory medication and human experimentation, to be sound.

From the perspective of any reasonable interpretation of Christian scripture, it is morally prohibited to receive any mark (“stigma”, in the original Greek) that restricts the right to buy and sell, to participate in public life. Nor is it merely an apocalyptic sign – the use of stigma to exclude people from public life is a tool that has been used by many states, and is wrong in all cases. The imposition of such a stigma, such as the pass laws or race laws of the old regime, is inherently morally wrong, and it is the right and duty of any Christian to refuse it.

A year and a half ago, we were told that to deal with this pandemic, all we needed was a brief, two-week lockdown to relieve the hospitals of the pressure of a novel coronavirus which threatened a mortality rate not seen for 20 years. Those branded as conspiracy theorists soon told us this would continue forever, with intermittent shutdowns of the economy with every seasonal pulse, and result in mandatory vaccination and universal biometric dentification documents that would determine our right to participate in public life.

Now, Mr Winde, you have been persuaded that such measures, inconceivable even a year ago, is worth employing. I beg you to reconsider. I understand that R80 million from the Gates Foundation has perhaps increased your trust of such institutions. Nor can we afford to refuse the funds – tuberculosis is indeed a problem; in fact a far more severe one than the novel coronavirus. Yet we would never dream of imposing these laws for TB, AIDS, or any other disease. This is a politically motivated reform. And those pushing the reform, like the Gates Foundation, are of the lowest moral repute, having subjected illiterate peasant populations in Africa and south Asia to dangerous medical experiments and sterilisation programs without their knowledge.

Your blind trust in establishment authorities is concerning. You have scorned Cape nationalism both in public and in private. You have lavished praise on the ANC’s disastrous management of the riots in KZN and Gauteng. Your party shows dogmatic adherence to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in all its policymaking, the very same framework which the ANC uses as a justification for EWC, racial discrimination, crushing taxes and growing welfare dependency.

We as South Africans have demonstrated a capacity to swallow enormous quantities of despotism. Oceans of foetid sewage has been pumped into our guts for a generation, as terrorists, thieves, drug traffickers and rapists have ruled our nation with the naïve complicity of the liberal elite who believed their highfalutin excuses for graft and the consolidation of power were earnest expressions of a misguided ideology. But as this destructive and cruel order collapses, the nature of our communities is fundamentally transforming.

It is unlikely that we will take all these manipulations forever. Your authority does not rest on the approval of Pretoria, Washington or international NGOs. It rests with the people of the Western Cape, all of them, regardless of status. The more of us you alienate, the greater your sin, and the smaller your stature. By all means, make vaccines available. But to force them on people is morally wrong, and is unlikely to be forgiven.

Robert Duigan

Robert Duigan

Robert Duigan is a political consultant and freelance writer.

26 Responses

  1. I have always voted DA, but now I’ll have to look closely at other options, because one thing I’m sure of is that I will NEVER vote for a dictatorship.
    Politicians live under the illusion that they can control society and the sooner they realise they work for the voters, the better.

  2. I will never vote for the DA again. Its leadership had the opportunity to shine a light on the Covid crimes that are committed against the citizens of SA, but it is obviously in bed with the perpetrators.

  3. I’ve just read of 23,000 deaths in Europe (via their VAERS system) and 2.2 million adverse reactions more than half of which are deemed to be “serious”.
    We now have sufficient reliable data from all over the world to state with certainty that most of the population has a better than 99% chance of recovering from an infection by SARS Cov 2. The vulnerable cohort is clearly identified as those with well defined comorbidities, mostly combined with advancing ages.
    There is also a lot of peer reviewed research showing that there are effective medicines available to combat the virus.
    In short, this gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine is just not necessary, from any point of view.
    You clearly need to take a long hard look at your advisors.

  4. Perfect comment Rob. I agree 100%. Make it available but NO ENFORCEMENT.
    Where is the respect for the rights of those of us who have acquired NATURAL IMMUNITY? It has been proven by the Israeli studies to be far superior to a constant stream of so-called vaccines. DA you are treading in very dangerous waters here. Those of us who suffer under anc rule (KZN) have seen how well run DA municipalities are and if you go on with this disrespect for our rights you are GOING TO LOSE VOTES. This spells disaster for the Western Cape. When last did you spend a week or so in KZN? Not secluded in the safety of a Salt Rock gomel, but really among us? It’s a complete mess. Don’t lose control of the WC over this rubbish

  5. Sorry DA, when it comes to placing my cross elsewhere, I say me too! Maybe Aunty Pat needs to make a comeback in Western Cape politics!!!

  6. It seems the DA has being bought out by big parma ,, seems funders are calling the shots (pun intended)
    Why force anyone to take the jab, when safe effective treatment for this disease??
    Why are these effective treatment’s suppressed, censored and banned.
    Why are scientist’s and doctor’s vilified when they go against the narrative..
    These jabs may or may not work .
    The big picture is the vaxx passports.. to control everyone.
    It seems we are no longer a sovereign nation. We have been sold out..

    1. Can I receive the needlecraft without my contact information entered into a database? No, I cannot. Conclusion- it is just a method to extend the grid of control, the next step to be the vaccine passport.

  7. Alan Winde just received R15 mil from Oppenheimer’s daughter for the election campaign. He sold us out for money and obedience……Do as we say or else…..
    No backbone

  8. Perhaps Mr. Winde and the rest of the DA sycophants can answer the following questions for me, because no one else has or can–including the so-called “experts”:
    1. If I take your silver bullet jab, how long will immunity last before it starts to wane?
    2. In relationship to the first question–if immunity wanes, how many jabs will I be forced to take? 2? 3? 4? or more? Israel is now beginning to tell their people 4 jabs maybe necessary and that 2 jabs no longer qualifies as “fully vaccinated”. Hmmm.
    3. What are the medium to long-term side effects of the jabs? Oh, that is right, the FDA failed to follow well established safety protocols that normally take 5 years minimum, so we have no idea. And now that most of the control group used in Pfizer trials have taken the jab, there is no control group to do longer range trials.
    4. Is natural immunity superior to artificial immunity? If so, will those who can verify natural immunity be given a waver?
    5. Name one respiratory virus that has ever been eradicated with a vaccine …. I’m waiting!
    6. How do you reconcile vaccine mandates with section 12 of the SA Constitution that enshrines bodily integrity where medical procedures are concerned? Or don’t individual human rights matter anymore?
    In the end, this is still very much an experimental vaccine unlike the vaccines that we took as kids, which were fully safety tested. It would be unconscionable for you to propose such a mandate that both violates individual humans rights and the cause of liberty and freedom of conscience for sake of a worldwide clinical trial. If you pursue this totalitarian overreach, it will be vigorously opposed in numerous ways and you will feel the bite at the polls.

  9. I am a Christian and happen to disagree with many points made by Robert Duigan.
    It is a critical mistake to bring religion into this argument. Many people do not, and should not be forced to, ascribe to a narrow partisan religious viewpoint. It has no general applicability.
    Rather, Robert should limit his arguments to the facts directly relevant to this issue. Many facts are disputed, but hopefully it is clear that unvaccinated people cause a greater load on the health infrastructure than vaccinated people. The debate should be if this is enough reason to mandate a medication which although it has had limited testing, clearly positively affects population longevity, and health service costs and sustainability (as shown up to this point).
    Sadly Roberts otherwise well expressed comments border on conspiratorial ranting.

  10. I will never vote DA again. I will never support a party that is in bed with the so-called “New World Order” and especially not for one that supports mandatory poisoning of people with this witches brew they call a vaccine. Period.

  11. Well said, the comments are completely legitimate. Who thought the DA would be so easily bought??
    Very sad day indeed.

  12. Alan Winde has been pushing ANC ideology since day 1 ! I personally consider him to be a traitor !
    DA can wave goodbye to the Cape, I’m also looking forward to when Plato is gone, how he treated the Ocean View activists over the Dido Valley housing dispute – totally disgusting , beyond!

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