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The Racism Grift Is Getting Old

Photo by Redrecords ©️ from Pexels

Last week an event occurred in Ireland, which has largely escaped the South African mainstream media. It is surprising because it involved a South Africa Black Woman, who was crowned, Miss Ireland.

Pamela Uba becomes the first black woman to win the award.  In her acceptance speech, she lamented racism, praised multiculturalism, and hailed that white people are on a demographic decline.  She also praised diversity, which she claimed was due to the world being more open now for travel, allowing people to move freely.  She concluded that we should all embrace this.

The UK mainstream newspaper, The Daily Mail, published an article about the event claiming that Miss Uba arrived in Ireland aged seven as an asylum seeker.  The Daily Mail’s headline read, “Frontline worker, 26, becomes the first black woman to be crowned Miss Ireland in the competition’s 74-year history after arriving as an asylum seeker aged seven from South Africa”.  Miss Uba’s Wikipedia page likewise draws reference to her arriving in Ireland as an asylum seeker.  Being aged 26 now, this would imply that Miss Uba arrived in Ireland in 2002 from Johannesburg. 

British newspapers picked up on the racial tones of social media comments which followed her victory with the pageant winner saying, “it is sad to say I did expect this type of behaviour” and that she knew she “would get a lot of bullying online, racism online”.  One Instagram commentator said, “a black woman doesn’t represent the prototype of Irish women“.

Investigating the story closer, there are some questions to be raised.  Miss Uba claims to have moved to Ireland in 2004 after experiencing severe financial troubles and a lack of state support.  She says that they chose Ireland because a family friend was already living in Dublin.  She claims that the threat of being deported constantly hung over the family.  She says, “I was telling my mum that I’m potentially going to be sent back to South Africa where I’d be selling lemons on the street or something. That’s how I felt as a child, that I’d be going back to nothing.”

Apart from the confusion in terms of the year of arrival (was it 2002 or 2004), what is surprising is that Ireland’s asylum laws only allow asylum applications if parties are unable to return to their own country due to safety reasons which are due to race, religion, nationality, political opinions or membership of a particular social group (e.g. gender identity or sexual orientation).  At the time of writing, neither the Irish nor UK government currently deem South Africa a high danger zone that warrants asylum applications.  How then did Miss Uba gain a successful asylum application?

The far more likely outcome is that Miss Uba moved to Ireland as an economic migrant, and not through legal means either.  This comes as a surprise given that in 2004 South Africa was experiencing growth rates averaging 5% under then-President Thabo Mbeki.  Nevertheless, it appears that her family heard from others of the advanced social wealth fare states of western nations and thus left her country of birth with its black population of 79%, for Ireland with its black population of 1.38%.

What becomes difficult to understand is why Miss Uba fails to understand the irony of leaving a country behind which routinely discriminates against a minority white population through programs such as BEE and yet decries those in her new adopted home who see their sense of identity being eroded through mass migration.  Miss Uba criticizes the white 94% population for not wholeheartedly embracing her diversity win whilst simultaneously praising their representative decline.

Back home, the local white population is told that coming to South Africa makes them ‘land thieves’ and ‘colonizers’, and nothing more than foreign Europeans regardless of how long their ancestors have lived on the continent?  They are told by political parties such as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to leave the continent because only blacks belong in Africa.  The left has a hypocritical habit of praising migration to the west whilst simultaneously bemoaning the reserve effect to Africa as colonization. 

It remains a wonder how a country where a Black South African can become the beauty representative is still bemoaned as being uncaringly racist despite claiming to have fled a country that demographically represents your race.  One does question how far the grift of racism continues to go until the word rings hollow.



JJ prefers to be anonymous and let his writing speak for itself.

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