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The ANC’s path to self-destruction is confirmed.

President of the ANC.

The ANC is in a huge financial mess. It can’t afford to pay SARS (despite owing R100 million), neither can it afford to pay salaries, and now they are being sued by their creditors. In papers lodged in the High Court, a well-known survey company, IPSOS, has claimed it is owed close to R6 million for its services from the ANC. 

This is precisely why the election will be postponed. According to City Press, “Leaders are hoping the Constitutional Court will grant the postponement applied for by the IEC so that the party can get its house in order.” This comes despite there being no widespread or public mandate for these elections to be postponed whatsoever. The Constitutional Court hearings were held last Friday, and now we wait for the judgement to be published.

Meanwhile, the ANC seemingly cannot afford to pay salaries, resulting in their staff embarking on a “go slow”. If this is the case, the party will not be able to nominate ward councillors to run in the upcoming election. If this countrywide ward councillors nomination list is not complete by today, the ANC has no candidate to compete in those wards, leaving these wards to fall to an opposition party due to the ANC failure to order its house and nominate candidates. This would be an absolute disaster for the ANC. 

Let us be very clear, all of these problems come from within; there is no one to blame other than the party itself. The ANC has previously put forward legislation where donor support has to be publicly named; they put it forward, no one else. Compounding this, the swathes of tenderpreneurs and cronies that the ANC funds do not seem to have any form of charity towards the organisation that makes them so stinkingly rich. It should also not be forgotten the ANC owe SARS in the region of R100 million, and there are numerous companies, who haven’t been paid by the ANC, now taking them to court and successfully getting cost orders against them. In further tax shenanigans, the ANC paid salaries to the staff, taking off PAYE and Medical Aid benefits failing to pay those benefits or PAYE over to SARS, which is, of course, illegal. But when you are the ANC, of course, the law doesn’t apply to you. Should the ANC be a company or a household, it would indeed have been liquidated or sequestrated a very long time ago. However, with the ANC, it appears that there is some special privilege afforded, allowed to continue to exist in bankruptcy for an apparent eternity. 

Meanwhile, in a political sense, the ANC is at war with itself, now that branch nomination meetings are occurring across the country for those seeking to become Ward Councillors. Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with what happens at such branch meetings; people die. Last week in Pretoria, at a branch meeting, one party member was shot dead while two others were injured. In a video of a branch meeting on Friday in Durban, a woman can be seen punching a man in the middle of a branch meeting, and these are in no way isolated incidents. The ANC is well known to kill people who don’t conform to the ANC’s wants, and of course, this has been going on for many years. If you’re very interested in an excellent book on the subject, I recommend War Party by Greg Ardé. 

Try to think about it all this way: There is to be a local government election, hopefully occurring in October; the ANC probably will not have their party-list ready; They have no money to pay salaries; And when branch meetings are held, people land up shooting and punching each other in the face. And this is the party that runs the country!

The ANC is the party that:

  • Tells you what you can or can’t do with your own money.
  • Wants to take your property without any compensation.
  • Wants to nationalise all medical aids in this country; and is still the party that the majority of voters vote for every time there is an election.

This is a party who announces that 10,000 cases of rape were open in three months, and no one bats an eyelid. under which critical crime software has been shut down for over a year. A party having stolen every rand and cent from taxpayers for 27 years while committing an intellectual genocide on millions of African children. This is the party ‘leading’ us, Ladies and Gentlemen, a party who can’t even get ready for a local government election. 

So once again, I must implore you, if you know people: who vote for the ANC, who praise the ANC, who support the ANC in any way, you must excommunicate them from your lives. No ‘ifs or buts’, or “maybe they will change” or “reforms are on the way”. No! They must be excommunicated entirely and treated like the scum they are because if you support a party that does all the things that have just been mentioned, you are either a crook, a mad person or a complete moron. So, if you are friends with these: crooks, lunatics are morons, the onus is on you to excommunicate them from your social life. 

Thankfully, all of this is not entirely bad news because chaos in the ANC means we as South Africans win, with the best part being that the ANC has done this to themselves. They still have overwhelming support amongst the electorate who see them as the second coming of Jesus, and they still managed to completely fucked it up for themselves. It remains to be seen what the Constitutional Court will say, will it support the ANC, as is its tendency, or will it stick to its mandate, allowing the elections to proceed in October? The elections must take place in October; we do not postpone a democratic right for a political party. 

Roman Cabanac

Roman Cabanac

Founder & Managing Director of The Morning Shot. South African conservative political commentator and media host.

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